Google Chrome OS Coming In 2010 (To Assassinate Windows?)

Google Chrome LogoThe most important news of the year – Google will launch Google Chrome OS by mid of 2010. First of all what is Chrome OS ?

Google says

the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web” “so it is our effort to re-think what operating systems should be”

It is going to be totally open sourced (code will be released by the end of this year) and will run on both x86 as well as ARM chip set. Software architecture? “windowing system on top of a Linux kernel” and Web is going to be the obvious development platform.

Chrome OS could prove to be an assassin of MS and I mean this in a big way. Google is completely changing the paradigm of OS. Until now an OS was typically considered to be a static program lying in side your hard disk whose main purpose was to boot your system and then handle most of the controls to the application programs like browser etc. This approach will take a back seat now and starting from Chrome OS, OS will be totally integrated with the web. Of course the earlier paradigm will still be around but that might just slowly but very surely vanish into thin air down the road.  This is the starting of a new era… Google is ready to redefine the Operating System.

Every passing minute there are reviews coming and the blogosphere is almost flooded with this updated from Google. Anyway I am cutting it short here. What will happen to Win after Chrome OS is out in the market? and Apple-Google relationship? What about Chrome OS itself?- Good, Bad, Ugly?  Follow-Up (loads of them this time) and decide for yourself.



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22 Responses to “Google Chrome OS Coming In 2010 (To Assassinate Windows?)”
  1. anshi says:

    GREAT move by Google!!!!!!!!

  2. Mayank Agarwal
    (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

    @anshi : Right… It is definately great move.. By making this move what Google implies is “Windows is 1980’s welcome to 2010″… Looks like Google has almost check mated M$ this time… Guys in MS rely need to brain strom and come with some thing ASAP or else this thing frm google has the potentail eat billions and billions of $s of Microsofts’s revenue.

  3. Joel Rivera says:


    Do you really think Google will hurt the biggest software maker Microsoft with Google Chrome OS? I don’t think so, how many years Apple been trying to take over the operating system market? I think a lot of years I’m sure!

  4. Mayank Agarwal
    (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

    Well Joel i thnk it is not about Google or MS here. It is about the idea.. what i feel is that brwoser Os is an idea whose time has come. So, which ever company back this idea is gng to fare rely well.. right not it is google, so i m inclined to thnk that Chrome OS will eat up the share of the existing OSs & windows having the a major market share will be affected the most. one more thing if MS comes out with a brwoser OS (say Gazelle) then again the OS game will be tough to crack.! i hope u ll agree on this?

  5. Aman says:

    Google Chrome OS Coming In 2010 (To Assassinate Windows?) :)

    will see who will Assassinate whom………….

    linux when came also commented like this only………

    but still Windows stand there even in bigger way……..

  6. YB says:

    See.. this is what I’m talking about – INNOVATION – not reaction. Most tech companies fail to capture the market because they only react to what other companies that innovate are doing.

    Innovation changes the way we think, it shapes our future. I say good luck to Google Chrome OS.

  7. Peter says:

    There is also way how to run windows or Linux applications like VIsual Studio or Photoshop on chrome OS using ChromeWin cloud server .This is how Google Chrome OS Could Beat Windows.

  8. Peter says:

    There is also way how to run windows applications on chrome OS . And this could be nail in the Microsoft coffin.

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