Apple Lied To The US Government? More Evidence (Snapshots) Appear

Hmm… The following snapshots are the proof of what we said yesterday - Apple lied to the FCC. Last month, Apple replied to FCC stating they have not rejected Google-Voice App & are pondering over it. To make their case more strong (and they have nothing against Google in particular) Apple also gave a list of 3 other Apps which were on hold because of similar reasons. VoiceCentral was one of them. Now, TechCrunch has received a snapshot of the “rejection page” of VoiceCentral App (and yeah Apple is still pondering!). Leave that Google Vs Apple thing and who is actually lying aside. We have a simple point here… Apple for sure lied to FCC, if not about Google-Voice then about VoiceCentral. Why would one build a TRUE (really?) story upon lies ? Apple is simply fooling around with FCC.

Part of Apples response to FCC (full copy here)

Apples response to FCC about Google Voice iPhone App Rejection

Apples response to FCC about Google Voice iPhone App Rejection

Snapshot sent to TechCrunch by one of VoiceCentral Devlelopers.

Snapshot of the VoiceCentral Rejection Page, An App Which Uses Google Voice Functionality

Snapshot of the voicecentral rejection page, an App which uses Google-Voice functionality

Kevin Duerr responds to App rejection (source -24th August 2009 and

Response of Riverturn CEO on rejection of VoiceCentral iPhone App

Response of Riverturn CEO on rejection of VoiceCentral iPhone App

All said. Judge for yourself. One last minute thought – is there any one who still believes that Apple is not lying?

Snapshot Credit : TechCrunch

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18 Responses to “Apple Lied To The US Government? More Evidence (Snapshots) Appear”
  1. jacob says:

    Man, How far can some go to prove that Apple lied? I have no doubt that TechCrunch fabricated this snapshot. And yeah… any way it is not proven that Apple reject the Google Voice App.

  2. Right says:

    Apple lied plain and simple. The fanboys (see above) will swear up and down that it’s a conspiracy. Everyone is out to get Apple. Take off the blinders. Apple lied, whether about Google voice or VoiceCentral doesn’t matter. I’m sure Apple (and the fanboys) will spin this so it looks like a simple mistake was made but in the the end a lie is a lie.

  3. Tim Tripp says:

    The way I read the response from Apple, they hadn’t rejected Google Voice but HAD rejected the other applications listed. I don’t think they were saying that all those apps were in limbo, but that they altered the fundamental user experience of phone/messaging/etc. They said that Google APPEARED to do the same (which was, at best, vague) but didn’t say that the other apps appeared to, they said they did.

    I think Apple is threatened by Google Voice at least in proxy for AT&T as they are for Skype and the SMS “bypass” programs out there. I think Google Voice is unique and doesn’t fall into the same categories, but as a new type of product Google probably just needs to be very clear where they’re going with Google Voice. It’s certainly not clear to ME what that product will encompass in 6 months to a year. I keep asking myself how Google’s going to make it profitable…

  4. Guy says:

    The story itself provides the answer you apparently can’t see for yourself. Read Apple’s response, they never said the other two apps mentioned WEREN’T rejected just that they used similar technology. Unless someone can post the exact rejection letter FROM Apple TO Google for the Google Voice app this is a non-story.

    Listen I’m not disputing that someone from Google didn’t hear Schiller say they would reject the app, just that without the rejection letter itself it means that Apple didn’t lie in their reply to the FCC.

    Show the rejection letter and I’ll agree that Apple lied in their response and should be punished.

  5. David says:

    Lying to protect ones interests is no surprise. We’ve all done it to some degree. However, assuming the story is true, why would Apple be that stupid? Google could produce evidence to the contrary leaving Apple with its face hanging out. They may not like competition and make it hard for others to undermine their operating system on their own machines but I can’t imagine they are dumb enough to falsify something that can be quickly and easily disputed with fact.

  6. Bob says:

    Wrong question. Is there anyone who really gives a shit?

  7. Mayank Agarwal
    (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

    @all who say that Apple never said that the App was not rejected:

    It is all the way you read things.
    1) I would read it as “These factors present several new issues and questions to us that we are still pondering at this time” then follows “The following applications also fall into this category”.
    2). Apple says that it has not got any assurance from Google that its data (iPhone phone book details) “will only be used in appropriate ways”
    Question. Did Apple ask the VoiceCentral team (Riverturn) the same question?
    Answer . See the response of the Riverturn CEO. He says Apple did not provide any appropriate reasons for App rejection.
    Why 2 different set of rules for almost similar applications?

  8. Jason says:

    I think a lot of web news blogs are desperate for something and doing piss poor journalism to ignore digging up facts.

    For those whining about fanboys, learn to read. Everything thus far presented is not concerning a specific app.

    Google is just as slippery as Apple or MS when protecting turf.

    Google did not, and has not, altered the app to meet guidelines, nor have they claimed to have resolved this issue.

    Those holding onto Google’s coattails with apps thought they had it made, after all Apple wouldn’t block the great Google, would it, nahhh!!!! Time to wake up.

    Every other app working in this area of the Google app has had to alter the code and done so. Truephone, Skype, etc., etc. have all known the rules since the beginning as did Google.

    Yes Apple has been playing tough, don’t blame them as everyone crapped on them from the beginning about the iPhone/AppStore, but now that they have a huge global success, everybody wants a piece – Sissies all of them.

    And let’s keep in mind Google has already been caught cheating by employing a custom API previously where they were in violation of the SDK.

    • Mayank Agarwal
      (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

      “Google did not, and has not, altered the app to meet guidelines, nor have they claimed to have resolved this issue.” Who told you this? :) Can you plz provide the appropriate source.
      Ironically you are talking about journalism and without a link to a proper source you want ppl to believe what you say…

  9. Phillip says:

    This doesn’t matter. The google app is now in the App store. The FCC doesn’t deal with apps that can be stored on a computer. They just wanted to see if AT&T had anything to do with it. What does FCC mean (Federal Communication Commission), FCC works towards six goals in the areas of broadband, competition, the spectrum, the media, public safety and homeland security, and modernizing the FCC.[1] Competition here means competition in communications, not applications. In any case, Apple is by no means a monopoly in the cell phone market. Last I looked, RIM, Nokia, and Windows Mobile had more market share than Apple.

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