Bing And Yahoo Censors Sex & Related Keywords Search In India

NoSexIndiaInternet thrives because of its openness but the Indian government is still trying to censor the internet by framing laws for internet based on 150-year-old statute. India, the land of Kamasutra where SEX is still considered a taboo and at the same times it is one of the most sort after keyword in Google search. Keeping in view of the dynamics in India, Bing and Yahoo have yielded in front of Indian government by censoring certain results having sexual explicit content. This means that you can no longer search for sex and other related keywords in Bing if you are in India (I have done it for you here). What it says when you have search for it (pic below)

Yahoo as of now only censors images that have sexual content (give it a try) and you can still search for sex in web search. Also we can’t switch off the Safe Search option in Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo. But Google is still not bowing in front of Indian government and you can still search for sex and for both web as well as image search (here and here).

Bing Sex Keyword Result

Bing Sex Keyword Result

Yahoo Sex Keyword Image Search

Yahoo Sex Keyword Image Search

This has been in response to the Indian Information Act of 2000, which has seen some recent changes. Also this law is based on a 150-year-old statute, section 292 of Indian Penal Code. What the heck? How can you make laws for the Internet based on the law that has been framed 150 years back? Ridiculous and at the same time quite amusing. Just thinking quote from George Bernard Shaw

The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me.  The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.

You can’t even search for sex discrimination as it involves sex in it. But guys from India calm down…. if you still want to search for sex related keywords in Bing then just go to US or UK version of the search version (this will satisfy you), it is not dependent on the IP address of the country.

FYI – Porn results of Bing were far superior than Google and Yahoo! thats been my personal experience! :)

Image Credits: 4bp

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13 Responses to “Bing And Yahoo Censors Sex & Related Keywords Search In India”
  1. Blogger Den
    (Twitter: @ bloggerden )

    This is so ridiculous, when will the governments of the world realize they can’t censor the internet! The internet is the only place we as human beings of the Earth can conjoin together to share thoughts, emotions, feelings, and everything else online. This may be active now, but I promise this won’t last for long.

    • Mayank Agarwal
      (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

      This can not last for long… whether it be China, India, Iran or any one else… it is just not possible to censor the internet for good for bad.

  2. Amit Pandey
    (Twitter: @ amit_marketing )

    Section 377 has now acknowledged the gay rights in India, it seems that people that are governing such regulations in our country are trying to hide things that are pretty obvious, like “SEX”, and that too from a transparent sheet of paper (limits of desperation) from a generation that could give lectures better than their parents on such topics, i.e. they are so pathetically self contradictory that they would approve homoSEXuality but not SEX… But then things like these are so challenging that people then get down to find alternative ways of accomplishing their goals, that arouses creativity eventually… What say?

  3. Ercel says:

    There are many things we are taught to be ashamed of or are not comfortable with because we believe it is not normal and we feel fear of the unknown. We remain blissfully ignorant and when
    we hear of or see others daring and living what we could have done our selves,
    we become bitter, jealous and right down nasty. Well that’s how wars are
    started from within out to others…

    Then there’s some of us who see these exact people and don’t want to be “HATERS” and we too begin to dare ridding ourselves of old tired deadly thought

    And rediscovering our child mind of discovery…

    Men and women don’t understand the simplicity of sex and they judge sex by the person behind the sex and the actions of that person. Sex in general is free and innocent. Now how one is
    molded and the stigma the mere mention of sex carries leads people to do some
    right down inexplicable things to hide or to quench their desires. They feel
    alone and strange because they believe that they are sick, perverted and

    But really, Sex is very much appetite and they vary…

    No one on the planet likes it exactly the way you want it…

    And like some people say “it’s really none your business” Since is it is something you own that’s yours alone treat with love respect and share with those whose appetite imitates yours. Don’t
    look for approval. If you feel it is right and your harming none
    intentionally/criminally. Your approval is all you need..

    When desire over powers on it’s delicious! When there is honesty involved and both parties know this might just be fuck and that’s great then there is no bad experience and when you make love you
    love and when you hustle with it, it must skill, protected movement erotic art
    in motion…

    Once all safety precautions have been set there should be no second thought, loving every inch of your bodies, never hesitating to let one know what feels good and what doesn’t. If you like
    a little pain with your pleasure there those who’d love to those harm with
    malicious intent.

  4. Thomas Retterbush
    (Twitter: @ sexyouall )

    That’s crazy! In the land of the Kama Sutra, where sex has been openly sanctified for thousands of years, that THEY would censor sex. I can only believe it has something to do with the overpopulation and the Indian government’s futile attempts at population control. What else could possibly get them to do this?

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  1. RT @TechDusts Bing and Yahoo Censors Sex & Related Keywords Search in India by @ksantani #in2010

  2. RT @TechDusts: Bing and Yahoo Censors Sex & Related Keywords Search in India by @ksantani #in2010

  3. K Piasecka says:

    RT @TechDusts: Bing and Yahoo Censors Sex & Related Keywords Search in India by @ksantani #in2010

  4. TechDusts says:

    Bing and Yahoo Censors Sex & Related Keywords Search in India by @ksantani #in2010

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  6. Bombay Dost says:

    'Bing and Yahoo censor sex related keyword searches in India' #fb

  7. Sameer Halai says:

    Bing and Yahoo ban searches for the keyword "SEX" in India

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