Nexus One- The Google Phone Launch Event (Almost Live Blogging ;))

Nexus One

Nexus One

Finally the D-Day has come and in moments from now Google will unveil its very own mobile phone – Nexus One. Almost all the details are out . We will almost live blog this event for you here at TechDusts…! Stay tuned and keep refreshing!

Google Nexus One, “where web meets phone.” Intended to be a “superphone” an exemplar of what is possible with a phone.

Googler Eric Tseng is up and live:

Features: Hardware

  • 3.7″ OLED screen
  • 800×480 screen
  • 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU
  • Trackball with a multi-colored LED
  • It’s 11.5 mm thin, (“thinner than a #2 pencil”)
  • Weighs 130g. 5 megapixel camera and flash.
  • Records video in Mpeg4.
  • Syncs pictures to Picasa, and can upload video to YouTube.
  • Stereo A2DP support.
  • It can have an inline remote and has two microphones to do noise cancellation
  • No Multi touch
Price is $529 unlocked OR $179 with T-Mobile USA service. Coming spring Nexus One will come to Verizon.

Erick says – “hardware, we think we have half the story.” Erick is now moving ahead to talk about software.Nexus One runs on Android 2.1,

  • Includes Maps navigation,
  • Facebook integration,
  • Quick Contacts (and the ability to switch between contacts).

New features in Android 2.1:

  • Lot better on customization.
  • 5 home screens.
  • A new widget with weather and news updates and the widget knows where you are and auto-tells the weather according to the place. Clicking through shows you the temperature over the course of the day.
  • Live wallpaper Ex- Shows a home screen that looks like a pond and on Touching the screen produces ripples.
  • Media and 3D (New 3D framework)
  • Android 2.1 adds voice recognition to every text field in the device.

Happy to announce new way to buy a phone – through a Google hosted web store!

Official site of Nexus One

Every one present is given a free Nexus One Phone with a T-Mobile SIM Card!


Here is the video of the event

Official Nexus One Videos

New Camera Gallery

Voice Input

Customization (with Live Homescreens)

Following is one of the 1st official photo of Nexus One.


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16 Responses to “Nexus One- The Google Phone Launch Event (Almost Live Blogging ;))”
  1. ksantani
    (Twitter: @ ksantani )

    best android phone ever… its droid on steroids or iPhone on steroids ?

    • Max Kings says:

      iPhone on steroids… wtf? Droid on steroids… closer but still no physical keyboard.

      • Mayank Agarwal
        (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

        physical keyboard…?You might not like, but consider reading this…
        Yes… no iPhone killer for sure!

  2. Porush jain says:

    So finally something to challenge I phone’s supremacy .. what i am looking forward to is there answer to I phone applications !!

    • Mayank Agarwal
      (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

      Yeah it is more about apps. than any thing else.. Thought Nexus One has a slightly superior h/w than iPhone 3GS and Nexus One is now dubbed as the Super Phone. But for a normal user what matters is Apps. iPhone is way ahead (100k + apps) than compare to Nexus One (15k to 20k apps).. as i have said earlier Nexus One is going to be a Droid killer and not an iPhone killer. And don’t forget Nexus One has “NO MULTI TOUCH!”

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  7. dnyanraj says:

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  9. porush says:

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