Live Blog-Google Social Event: Google’s Reply To Twitter And Facebook?

google_socialGoogle is going to incorporate some of the social element into their products. Is this going to be a Facebook or Twitter killer or may be a new approach to social networks? We are going to Liveblog the Google Social Event. It is going to start any minute. So, just seat back.

Real-Time Notes Below:

Horowitz on stage : Starts with the importance of sharing content to right audience.

The news we all waiting for : Google Buzz, a social tool from Google is  being launched, a Google’s way to sharing and social networks.

Buzz is build into Gmail, gives a history of Gmail and how it evolved over time….. Grouped conversation then chat, then video chat and now Google Buzz.

Google Buzz is new way to share content and communicate inside Gmail.

Features Of Buzz

1) Auto-following: Auto follow the users who chat and email the most.

2) Rich, fast sharing experience

3) Public and private sharing ( They haven’t mentioned- what will be the default public or private?).

4) Inbox integration: Integrates with users inbox.

5) Filters the noise to keep you away from useless things: This is going to be the game-changer by handling real time updates.


Buzz tab is right below the Inbox tab in Gmail, so easily integrated with Gmail.

You see the entire social media feature in Buzz right from Photos to Videos to Links. Like, Facebook Buzz will pull photos and headlines from the URL, which you have shared. You can like things and comment on them as well.

You can post things both publically and privately which are indexed by Google immediately. Buzz is totally intergrated with Inbox – any item in Buzz can become a converation in Gmail.

Ok now i get it… Buzz is basically a combination of Twitter and Facebook sharing into Gmail. As simple as that.

This is something new to social networks. You can use voice input to post into Buzz. That’s kind of awesome for work-shy people.

New Web App for Buzz that works on Android and iPhone.

Buzzes are Geo tagged to Google Maps. Like Tweet is to Twitter, Buzzes is to Buzz (common sense).

Twitter connect integrated, No Facebook connect as of now in Buzz (nothing unusual :) )

Buzz will be rolling out to Gmail users over the next few days (I still haven’t got it :( ).

Buzz URL:

Google’s official post on Buzz here.

Google Buzz Official Video:

Video: Google Buzz For Mobile

Buzz On Google Buzz:

Looks like every renowned tech blogger in Silicon Valley were aware of the Buzz, much before its launch and they also posted their full length post just when the Buzz Event was going on. Have a look on few of them.

M.G. Siegler: If Google Wave is the Future, Google Buzz Is The Present (TechCrunch).

Matt Mcgee: Google Takes On Twitter, Facebook & Even Foursquare (SearchEngineLand)

Jeff Jarvis: Google’s Buzz(machine) (Buzz Machine)

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17 Responses to “Live Blog-Google Social Event: Google’s Reply To Twitter And Facebook?”
  1. vamsi says:

    Why this new twitter killer feature when people are already quite used to the tweeting feature .. and i dont see it integrated with orkut ..?? which is the social networking site of google ..!! and Yahoo has already launched BUZZ ..!! ho different is this going to be ..??

    • ksantani
      (Twitter: @ ksantani )

      orkut, nobody uses it except by few people in India and Brazil. So, no point bringing up a dying network….. Gmail is widely acceptable and already has a huge user base more than Twitter. all the users of Gmail is in Buzz network within a day, they don’t have to start from scratch. Google is trying to bring all the aspects of social network at one place. Also it will try to add more reliability in real time updates by filtering useless things, which twitter is not able to achieve till now. I also believe geo tagged buzz is going to be revolution.

      • Mayank Agarwal
        (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

        yes… Google Buzz is friendfeed commenting + facebook status updates + four square location + twitter like following model, all rolled into you e-mail. And it is dead simple to use and understand (i was able to figure out every thing with in 5 minutes) The learning curve is very low. Google Buzz, (regardless of whether it is copied or not) could be huge.

  2. vamsi says:

    pretty cool :) !!! lets see if i can buzz rather than tweet !!

  3. Manvi says:

    Twitter has the advantage of following known public figures. Does Buzz also allow that? Also, how much of the personal information is made public? I would not like my e-mail id to be know to everyone!!

    • Mayank Agarwal
      (Twitter: @ mayank25may )

      Pretty much anyone can start Buzzing like Twitter. E-Mail getting public is a thing with Buzz, but i guess internet getting so much social and open you wouldn’t be able to avoid it one way or the other. Again for celebs it can be a huge problem unless they maintain one separate Google account only for Buzzing.

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