Good Bye Floppy Disks!

Sony, the company who introduced their 1st 3.5 inch floppy disk back in 1981 will stop its production come next year. Company said it is terminating the  production because of the lack of demand. Sony has already stopped shipping floppy disk internationally and March 2011 it will stop it domestically (Japan) as well. All other major floppy disk manufacturers have already stopped manufacturing it for some time now. Apparently Sony still sold as high as 8.5 miilion floppy disks in Japan last year! This marks the end of one the very 1st widely adopted data storage disks used in Personal Computers. It was all started some 12 years ago when the 1st iMac (Hello again!) was famously shipped with out a floppy disk drive.

I still have memories of running around on my bicycle with floppy disk filled with Dave and Mario and Prince of Persia back in the 90’s ! Goodbye Floppy !

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  1. Martin Willcocks says:

    Thanks for the heads up. For those who may need to resuscitate an old computer, rewrite those original floppies including bootable floppies so you have a backup. Transfer what you can to bootable CDs instead. I’m trying this with VMWare Fusion to clone an old Windows 95 computer primarily to emulate it as a testbed for older software, that ran on Win 95. So far I haven’t got it to work with a USB floppy drive, though the iMac recognizes the drive.

  2. Aww… so sad. Of course I don’t think there is a single floppy in my possession anymore. Should of kept one to show my grandchildren one day. Even a 5.25″ floppy would have been awesome to have around. Better find some before the price skyrockets. :-)

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  1. RT @TechDusts Good Bye Floppy Disks! by @mayank25may

  2. RT @TechDusts Good Bye Floppy Disks!

  3. Peter Friese says:

    Sony stops manufacturing floppy disks: – I didn't know they still produced them! Haven't used a floppy in years…

  4. RIP Floppy disks. Thanks for all.

  5. TechDusts: Good Bye Floppy Disks!

  6. Say goodbye to floppy disks… RIP.

  7. Say goodbye to floppy disks… RIP.

  8. Say Goodbye to floppy disks… going out of production.

  9. Jochem says:

    @SGgrc Milestone for all IT geeks

  10. PJ says:

    RT @silvakreuz: Say Goodbye to floppy disks… going out of production. (via @danielsnyder1) << Should've don …

  11. Jovi Umawing says:

    Say Goodbye to floppy disks… going out of production. (via @danielsnyder1) << Should've done that yrs ago methinks

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