Google To Launch ‘Google Games’ Along With Zynga

Zynga, the social gaming giant is growing faster than many would have imagined. What Facebook is to social networking Zynga is to social gaming. The recent rivalry and the then patch-up between these two social-brokers (i just coined this word/phrase!) raised a lot of eye brows a while back. But one thing is sure, Zyga wants to grow out of their Facebook era as soon as possible. Possibly Pincus now knows for sure that Zuckerberg will slit or make another attempt to slit his throat.

Now comes a highly strategic news from Arrington who says, Google (and not Google Venture) could have invested as high as 100 to 200 million $s in Zynga. This holds a lot of strategic importance for both Google and Zyanga. For Google, Zynaga will act as a launch pad for the so-called upcoming Google games later this year. This will also mark a symbolic end to open social paradigm which Google launched in 2007.  If the relationship goes smooth then this would mean a bigger win for Zynga. First and foremost they will become quite independent from their now frenemy Facebook. Secondly this means a much much bigger audience for Zaynga. Google could well offer you to play Farm Ville right inside your Gmail.! Interesting are the way things turn out – Facebook acted as the social-broker for the start-up Zynga with Facebook Platform  in 2007 and Zynga (with their huge following) now will act as a social broker for non other than Google. What about Orkut? I have said this before and now it is even more clear- Google no longer sees Orkut as its social player. Orkut is dying because mother Google has abandoned it. The new social hero in Google land is Google Profiles and the much rumoured Google Me.

Second piece of news from Arrington again reflects the growth of Zaynga – Zynga could have made as high as $350 million in 2010 and are projecting $1 billion for 2011. Remember Zynga only started in 2007.

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  1. RT @TechDusts: Google To Launch 'Google Games' Along With Zynga

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    RT @mayank25may: RT @TechDusts: Google To Launch 'Google Games' Along With Zynga

  3. RT @TechDusts: Google To Launch Google Games Along With Zynga

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