I have been using the Infibeam Phi Tablet for a couple of weeks now and here is my take on it. Infibeam is India’s answer to Amazon. It even has an eBook reader – Pi. Now with Phi Tablet Infibeam enters the tablet market and is by far India’s first tablet.

7' Phi over a 15' Dell laptop

7' Phi Over a 15' Dell Laptop

Let’s first start with raw data to put things into perspective–

1). Price – Rs. 14999 only (around $250)

2). OS- Android 1.5 (Windows CE version also available)

3). Screen – 7’ (same as Samsung Galaxy Tab)

4). Memory – 8 GB (expandable upto 32 GB with mini SD)

5). Battery Life – Around 5 hours (normal usage)

6). Touch Screen – Resistive

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10 Exciting iPad Accessories

This is a guest post by James Adams. James is  a technology writer who works at a specialist ink cartridge store, contributed this blog post. He spends his time writing reviews of newly released hardware like the HP 901XL and, when he has time, posts about design and tech on their blog.

Now that you have your new iPad, you need to start thinking about accessories. There are cases, styluses, camera connections and even keyboards which will make your experience more entertaining and enjoyable. Here are ten of the best toys that you can get for your iPad.

1. Quirky’s Cloak [$54.99]

Slide your iPad into this case and you have full protection. The Cloak keeps your iPad free from scratches and other dangers. You can prop your iPad up either horizontally or vertically without having to remove it from its cover.

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Well this was almost a pleasant surprise for me. India’s HRD Minister Kapil Sibal appeared today at Gadget Guru of NDTV and showed off his $35 baby and guess what? Unlike the previous claims of $10 laptop by Gov. of India this thing is real and it works! [video embedded below] The Gadget Guru team gave a thumbs up to the device after reviewing it. Here are the features

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Apple today held a press conference and addressed (kinda of..) the iPhone 4 Antenna issue. For details you can check out the live blog of Engadget and MobileCrunch. The amazing part is that Apple kicked off the conference with a video song  about the iPhone 4 Antenna.

Here we present to you 2 totally diverse opinions on the iPhone 4 Antennage. One a Fanboys takes on it and the other Hitler getting mad about the issue. Both of them are bloody awesome!

Judge for yourself which side do you fall in…

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The teaser trailers for the movie on Facebook – The Social Network have been doing rounds around the web for the past one month and now the full version has hit the web. “The Social Network” is based on the book ‘The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal’ by Ben Mezrich. From  the trailer the movie looks awesome and I can wait to see this. The Social Network appears to be full of controversial and the punch line of the movie says it all ” You Don’t Get 500 million Friends With Out Making a Few Enemies”.  The movie is bound hit hard on the image of Mark Zuckerberg in particular in Facebook in general which has already been under a lot of media scrutiny lately. The movie is expected to be released in October 2010.

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Zynga, the social gaming giant is growing faster than many would have imagined. What Facebook is to social networking Zynga is to social gaming. The recent rivalry and the then patch-up between these two social-brokers (i just coined this word/phrase!) raised a lot of eye brows a while back. But one thing is sure, Zyga wants to grow out of their Facebook era as soon as possible. Possibly Pincus now knows for sure that Zuckerberg will slit or make another attempt to slit his throat.

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Bill Gates showed up at Larry King Live recently along with his father Bill Gates Sr. I must say this is one of the best interviews of Gates i have watched in recent times. Why? It is very natural and genuine conversation with the father and son and you will just adore Bill Gates Sr. [father] for being so genuine.

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Google has rolled out a major update to google.com – Now you can personalise google.com with a custom image as your background. Google says

Today, we’re introducing a new feature that brings a whole new level of personalization to Google by letting you add a favorite photo or image to the background of the Google homepage.

Google says that this is being rolled out in the US first and will soon follow around the world.

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Apple has announced that it has now sold more than 2 million iPad in less than 60 days. This comes in less than a month after Apple announced that it has crossed the 1 million mark. So, basically Apple is selling more than a million iPad every month. Apple crossed the 2 million mark just days after the iPad went for sale in 9 other countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK) apart from US. The trends of this heavy sale might continue for a couple of more months as the iPad still hasn’t rolled out in many other parts of the world.

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A Pakistani court has ordered authorities to ban Facebook over a competition encouraging users to post caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed on the social networking site. A Facebook Page – Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! encourages users to draw caricatures of Prophet Mohammed. It is prohibited in Islam to depict the prophet in any form. Lawyer Chaudhry Zulfikar Ali said

“The competition has hurt the sentiments of the Muslims”.

The access to the site will remain blocked till 31st May when the court will begin a detailed hearing into the matter. The page – Everybody Draw Mohammed Day has more than 40k members and apparently the protest page AGAINST “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” has around 60k members and are growing every minute.

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